MDS 2019/2020 Capstone Seminar Series

by Tomas Beuzen

During the last two months of the UBC Master of Data Science program (typically May & June each year) we have Capstone projects, in which our students work in teams of ~4 students with an external capstone partner and a UBC mentor to address a question facing the capstone partner’s... [Read More]

Integrating R & Python into a Data Science program

by Tiffany Timbers

R and Python are the two leading languages used in industry and academia for data analysis. Thus, to best prepare students in the University of British Columbia’s course-based, professional Master of Data Science (MDS) program to be competitive and perform on the job market, we have made an explicit decision... [Read More]

Project courses in MDS

by Tiffany Timbers and Mike Gelbart

How can we train effective data scientists? Traditional lecture/lab-based courses typically involve prescribed and well-defined examples, and we found this format very effective for foundational courses that focus on a particular area of statistics, machine learning or computer programming. However, real-world data science differs greatly from these courses: data is... [Read More]