Learning from real data

An MDS capstone project reflection

For the past three months, I was on a team of UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) students working on our MDS capstone project. Our team developed a data science product to help the course creators on the Thinkific e-learning platform to improve their online courses. Unsurprisingly, working on the... [Read More]

Becoming a data scientist

My year-long hiatus from medical school

In my second year of medical school, I decided to open an unfamiliar email entitled “UBC Centennial Symposium on Health Informatics”. What was Health Informatics? I had no idea, but I intended to find out. The symposium featured the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and showcased their use of large... [Read More]

Our curriculum, Part 1

Computer science & machine learning

This is the first in what will hopefully become a series of posts on our curriculum for the Master of Data Science (MDS) program at UBC. Our program is structured as six four-week blocks, each containing four mini-courses, for a total of 24 mini-courses. Each of these mini-courses is about... [Read More]