DSCI 531: Peer Review

Due Wednesday, Nov 7 at 18:00 (although you should be able to finish in lecture).


You and your hackathon team members are to provide feedback on another hackathon team’s graph – or at least, whatever they have of the graph!

The Feedback Session

Between 0940-0956 in Lecture 8, you will be engaging in a feedback session, composed of three stages:

  1. Fly-on-the-wall (we suggest 1 minute): The reviewers verbally communicate what they learn from the graph, without any input from the creators, while the creators watch. The reviewers should speak their thought process – “think out loud”, but the creators can’t talk, and can’t even gesture!
  2. Informed-run (we suggest 1 minute): The creators fill the reviewers in on the graph’s intended message.
  3. Written + Verbal feedback (we suggest 5 minutes): The reviewers write feedback as a github issue on one of the reviewee’s hackathon repos.

Tips on giving feedback:

Your feedback only needs to be a “brain dump” (doesn’t need polishing). But it should still be thoughtful and useful. Here are some tips on giving feedback:

What you should submit here

rubric={writing:10, reasoning:90}

Fill the following in: