DSCI 562: Regression II

Approaches when faced with special conditions in regression, and consequences of ignoring these conditions.

Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students are expected to:

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Deliverable Weight
lab assignment 1 15%
lab assignment 2 15%
quiz 1 20%
lab assignment 3 15%
lab assignment 4 15%
quiz 2 20%

Lecture Schedule

Note: Topics covered are conditional on time available.

Lecture Date Topic
1 2019-02-04 Model functions in regression
2 2019-02-06 Regression on restricted scales: GLM and transformations
3 2019-02-11 Regression beyond the mean Part I: variance, quantiles
4 2019-02-13 Regression beyond the mean Part II: probabilistic forecasts, robust regression
5 2019-02-25 Regression on censored response data: survival analysis
6 2019-02-27 Regression on ordinal response data: proportional odds model
7 2019-03-04 Regression in many groups: mixed effects models
8 2019-03-06 Regression when data are missing

If time remains, here are some topics we could cover:

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