During the last two months of the MDS program (mid April to late June each year), our students work in teams of ~4 students with an external capstone partner and a UBC mentor to address a question facing the capstone partner’s organization using data science. The capstone program is free for partner organizations to participate in, but requires a point person who is willing to meet regularly with the students and offer guidance.

For more information on becoming a partner, see our partner information page. For guidelines on submitting a proposal, see our proposal page. For various important dates and deadlines, see our timeline and procedures page.

Past projects


  • BC Stats: Discovering thematic categories from survey comments
  • BGC Engineering: Anomaly detection and flood forecasting using real-time hydrometric data
  • Destination BC: Predicting conversion rates for tourism advertisements on Facebook and Instagram
  • Finn AI: Evaluating a Natural Language Processing Pipeline for Chatbots
  • Microsoft MSN: Web traffic prediction for msn.com
  • SAP and Teejlab: Automated Legal Risk Assessment on Web Service License Changes
  • Semios: Binary Classification of Leaf Wetness Using Sensor Data
  • Thinkific: Success in online learning: recommending actions to course creators
  • Unbounce: Using survival analysis to finding leading indicators of customer churn
  • QxMD: Building a Recommendation System for Medical Research Papers
  • UBC Sauder School of Business: Extracting features from financial documents for predicting firm performance
  • Visier: Automated Human Resources Insight Discovery