Algorithms and optimization

Over the years I’ve struggled with the disconnect between “algorithms” — as a student might see in a standard algorithms and data structures class — and optimization. Several of the algorithms taught in such courses are in fact instances of (discrete) optimization: for example, dynamic programming (DP), or Dijkstra’s algorithm... [Read More]

Introducing our 2017-18 cohort

This is an exciting time for the UBC MDS program, with the second cohort starting their journey in just a few days. We are thrilled about the strength and diversity of our incoming class. Here are some facts about the incoming cohort: [Read More]

Teaching with GitHub

In this post I will describe the system we use for delivering courses via GitHub in the UBC MDS program. I will first describe our high level goals and how we tackled them, and then discuss some implementation details. This post assumes the reader is familiar with git and GitHub... [Read More]
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