MDS Block representatives

Every block, a student volunteers to represent their peers, acting as a liaison between students and MDS leadership (we/our/ours). This allows us to see how the block is going, allowing us to make changes if need be.

Here are some guidelines for the “block rep”.

1. Introduce yourself to your peers as the new block rep

We recommend doing this via Slack. If there isn’t a “students only” channel, please do make one. You can try creating a private channel and then tagging @students in there. This will hopefully prompt you to invite all students into the channel.

2. Collect feedback throughout the block

The main responsibility is to collect feedback from your classmates. How you do this is up to you. Some block reps use online surveys, or even invite students to meet them in person during a dedicated time.

Each block, we will be dedicating a time during lecture for students to discuss the block as a class. This is a great avenue for the block rep to record some key insights.

The block rep often chooses to create a short informal report (usually in Markdown), which we archive on our end.

3. Attend our team meeting

We’ll ask you to attend our team meeting, usually about 2/3 or 3/4 through the block. Typically the block rep part of the meeting takes about 20 minutes, right at the start, but it’s flexible. We’ll continue the meeting without the block rep after you’re done, where we’ll continue to reflect on / discuss what we heard.

4. Communicate back to the cohort

After the team meeting, we might ask the block rep to contact students. You can probably do this via Slack.

A note on the role of the block rep feedback

Please see also this document about the role of the block rep’s feedback to the MDS team.