To contribute to the MDS blog, follow these steps to work with the blog’s Editor, which is currently Varada Kolhatkar (@kvarada):

  1. Contact the Editor and agree on the basic outline of the post.
  2. Fork the repo that houses this site and give the Editor write access to the fork.
  3. Create a new file in the _posts directory, write a draft, and push it to your fork.
    • For eventual social media posting it’s best to include a share-img; for example, see the 3rd line here.
    • Please also add a byline at the bottom with your name and whatever you want to say about yourself.
    • Optionally, consider adding a line break after each line of text. This will allow the diffs to show up much better while the post is being edited.
  4. Submit a pull request from your fork to the blog repo (but be careful not to send it to the parent of the blog repo, which can happen by accident).
  5. Iterate back and forth with the Editor until the post is ready.
  6. The Editor will merge the PR and the post will automatically appear on the MDS blog.