UBC MDS public teaching materials

This repository contains publicly available versions of some of the teaching materials from the UBC Master of Data Science program. See below for the currently available material. The links in the left column lead to course-specific repositories.

Course Number Course Title syllabus lecture notes labs lecture videos
DSCI 511 Programming for Data Science :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:   :heavy_check_mark:
DSCI 521 Computing Platforms for Data Science :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 551 Descriptive Statistics and Probability for Data Science :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:    
DSCI 542 Communication and Argumentation :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 523 Programming for Data Manipulation :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 512 Algorithms and Data Structures :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
DSCI 531 Data Visualization I :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 552 Statistical Inference and Computation I :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 522 Data Science Workflows :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 513 Databases and Data Retrieval :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 561 Regression I :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 571 Supervised Learning I :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 572 Supervised Learning II :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 563 Unsupervised Learning :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 573 Feature and Model Selection :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 532 Data Visualization II :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 562 Regression II :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 524 Collaborative Software Development :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:  
DSCI 553 Statistical Inference and Computation II :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 574 Spatial and Temporal Models :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 541 Privacy, Ethics, and Security :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 525 Web and Cloud Computing :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 554 Experimentation and Causal Inference :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 575 Advanced Machine Learning :heavy_check_mark:      
DSCI 591 Capstone project :heavy_check_mark: n/a n/a  

For information about DSCI 591 (our Capstone Project), including a list of past projects and information on how to partner with us, see here.

Unless otherwise noted, the course materials here are licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 Creative Commons License.